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DM5editŪ is a full-featured editor/librarian for the popular Alesis DM5 Drum Module. It features full access to all patch and voice parameters, as well as trigger setups and real-time control of system parameters.

Program Features

DM5edit offers several advanced capabilities which are not possible with traditional editing from the DM5's front panel.

  • Full-featured Editor/Librarian for storing and retrieving DM5 data
  • Advanced voice editing including velocity-sensitive "Audition" function
  • Store any or all voice parameters to any or all voices in any or all patches
  • Store and retrieve any combination of drumset, system, program change, or trigger setups independently
  • Copy voices and patches
  • Global or individual resets for trigger and voice parameters
  • Scale voice volumes for any drumset
  • Shift drumset voices up or down, independently of root note setting
  • Advanced MIDI channel routing; send individual sysex banks to separate DM5 modules simultaneously

DM5edit Software

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