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Version 2.2.4515

  1. Fixed problem with AXI files not finding diagrams.
  2. Fixed intermittent problem with Interval Trainer tool locking up if "C" was selected as root note.

Version 2.2.4463

  1. Minor internal maintenance changes.
  2. If link in advisor window was clicked (FL version), program would crash. This has been fixed.

Version 2.2.4445

  1. Fixed intermittent bug where program would lock up on startup (optimization).

Version 2.2.4444

  1. Added the ability to turn off the FretLight footswitches (Set the command for each footswitch to "None"). This improves program performance when the footswitches aren't being used.
  2. Internal changes to Fretlight display for better performance and future functionality.
  3. Changed software to work with latching style Fretlight footswitches.
  4. Added support for reversing the Fretlight footswitches
  5. Updated documentation

Version 2.2.4374

  1. In some cases, maximizing the Advisor window would cause a crash. This has been fixed.
  2. Fixed problem with filters not being reset when macros or lessons accessed custom diagrams. Also, updated lesson files to automatically load the default diagrams as neccessary.
  3. Macros do not always update the toolbar when MIDI settings are changed. Fixed.

Version 2.2.4363

  1. Demo version is now Fretlight compatible.

Version 2.2.4362

  1. Maintenance release.

Version 2.2.4353

  1. Fixed installation problem with a file not being registered correctly.

Version 2.2.4346

  1. Added more tunings
  2. Minor internal maintenance changes.

Version 2.2.4333

  1. Added "Play MIDI" command to fretlight dialog options.
  2. Minor internal maintenance changes.

Version 2.2.4331

  1. Initial release of support for Fretlight guitars from Optek Music Systems
  2. Multiple macro files can now be loaded
  3. Custom diagrams are now stored in a single file, which greatly simplifies the process of
    creating and saving them. Diagrams are now classified by a category, which can be defined
    when the diagram is created and saved. There is also an option on the Diagrams tab of the
    preferences dialog which allows the diagram list to be filtered by category.
  4. If both the Macros and Pattern Information windows are closed, the Advisor window now
    expands to use all available space.

Version 2.1.4147

  1. Release of 2.1, with minor maintenance fixes.

Version 2.1.4115 (2.1 Beta)

  1. Fixed problem with Pattern Definition dialog not displaying patterns correctly.
  2. Fixed minor problem with drawing highlighted "bar" in diagram editor
  3. Fixed problem with "COMCT332.OCX" file not being installed.

Version 2.1.4093 (2.1 Beta)

  1. Updated the program documentation
  2. Minor internal maintenance changes
  3. Updated hotkeys and tab index

Version 2.1.4092 (2.1 Beta)

  1. Updated the program documentation
  2. Resized some tool windows for consistency

Version 2.1.4083 (2.1 Beta)

  1. Updated the Macro Editor. Clicking on a command will now properly load the selection boxes. Also added HTML code to command string window
  2. Note Recognition Progress - untested notes now show as "No Results" when the mouse moves over them.
  3. Added Interval Training tool
  4. Added functionality for comparing current and stored pattern notes. (Find notes in common, notes not in common, notes in current pattern only, and notes in stored pattern only)
  5. Fixed minor display issues with stored patterns
  6. Added option to set the color of modified string offsets
  7. Added Tip Of The Day to the Help menu.

Version 2.1.4074 (2.1 Beta)


  1. Completely redesigned interface, including customizable toolbars, dockable Advisor window, and support for different screen resolutions. An option has also been added to the program preferences (Misc tab) to keep floating windows on top.
  2. Greatly expanded the Glossary, and added many new chord defintions.
  3. Lessons are now categorized (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Miscellaneous). Several new lessons have also been added.
  4. The Ear and Fretboard training tool has been replaced with a much more usable Note Recognition tool. Progress is tracked, and can be viewed in a variety of ways.
  5. A new Chord Decoder tool has been added, with several options for finding chords based on selected notes.
  6. Macros can now be created to simplify complex or repetitive sequences of commands. The macros can be edited, and a HTML ready command string is displayed which can be copied and inserted into custom lessons.
  7. Diagram defintions are now divided into categorized files, and the management of these files has been greatly simplified. AxMaster automatically loads all diagram files when the software is started. Individual files can be loaded for editing or for viewing a specific subset of Diagrams.
  8. An option has been added to the preferences (Diagrams tab) to reset the strings and fret range when a Diagram is viewed.

Version 1.2.3394

  1. The lesson format has been redesigned. In previous versions, new lessons could only be added if the ax_lessons.htm file was manually edited to include the new page and start-up commands. The index that appears in the main lessons page is now dynamically created, and will list any files with a prefix of "axl_" in the lessons sub-directory.

    There is now an included template (called "lesson_template.htm" in the lessons folder) which can be used to easily create lessons. Simply copy the template, rename it to "axl_something.htm", and edit the content where noted (replace the bracketed text, including the brackets, with the appropriate content). If the lesson contains images or applets, be sure to copy these to the lessons folder as well.

    NOTE: Installing this version will not overwrite any custom lesson files in the HTML folder. However, these files will need to be moved to the lessons folder and renamed with the "axl_" prefix before they can be accessed.
  2. Similar to the above, fretboard images are now automatically indexed when the program loads, making it much simpler to add new fretboard backgrounds.

    To add a new fretboard background, create the image and save it as a .jpg file to the /images folder. Fretboard images must be .jpg files, 1100 x 138 pixels, and must have the prefix "axf_" in the name.

    There is also now a template, called "fretboard_template.jpg" in the images folder that can be used to create custom fretboards. Simply copy and edit the template with any paint program and replace the white background with any colors or effects desired. Then rename the file to "axf_whatever.jpg, and drop it into the images folder.
  3. Added a Support button (for email), and a link to the JCS Automation website to the About box.

Version 1.2.3323

  1. When comparing patterns, if a pattern is displayed with intervals and then stored, note names are shown for the stored pattern rather than the intervals. This has been fixed.

Version 1.2.3264

  1. Added Ear/Fretboard training. This functionality can be accessed from the "Tools" menu, as well as with a new icon on the toolbar. (Full documentation for this functionality is not yet available).
  2. Updated/added scripting commands.
  3. Fixed minor glitch with note audition when Autoscroll is turned on.

Version 1.2.3187

  1. Added new lesson material.
  2. New script commands added to support scrolling and loading diagram definitions
  3. When an empty diagram definition file was loaded, saved diagrams would always be stored as the first diagram, overwriting the existing diagram. This has been fixed.
  4. The default.dgm file has been moved to the Diagrams folder to support a new script command for loading diagram definition files.
  5. The lesson structure has been simplified. All lesson files are now located directly under the HTML folder, rather than in the Lessons sub directory. This was done in order to simplify adding and modifying lesson content.
  6. Added a link to the documentation (help) to the Start Menu during installation.

Version 1.2.3183

  1. Initial release of version 1.2
  2. Added Autoscroll option to control automatic display of pattern notes played through MIDI.
  3. Changed MIDI note highlighting to allow notes to be displayed until a note-off command is sent. This mainly only affects notes that are played in "Strum" mode.

Version 1.2 (Beta - 3177)

  1. Updated program documentation with all 1.2 changes.
  2. Reorganized MIDI preferences tab for improved usability.

Version 1.2 (Beta - 3176)

  1. Fretboard imaging has been re-organized. Strings and frets are now created in the software, eliminating the need for multiple fretboard image files. Also, fretboard image definitions are now stored externally in a file called "fretboards.dat", which can be edited with any text editor to include any custom fretboard images. (Note that fretboard images must be 1100 x 138 pixels, jpg or bmp, and must contain the desired 'nut' and fret markers as part of the image).
  2. Multiple custom diagram files can now be loaded. Rather than all diagram definitions being stored in a single file, diagrams are now stored in user-defined files. The default diagram file is called "default.dgm", which is loaded each time the software starts. Other diagram files can be accessed with a new command under the file menu called "Load Diagram Definitions".

    Although the default file extension is '.dgm', diagram definition files are just plain text files; any file name can be used, as long as the format is compatible. Also, there is no limit on how many diagrams can be stored in each file, so diagram files can be used to organize or share custom diagrams in any way desired.

    To create a new diagram file, simply copy the "default.dgm" file and remove any diagram definitions from it as desired with any text editor. (The file must contain the first header line, and the last line must be "End Definitions"). Future versions of AxMaster will automate this process. This new file can then be loaded, and new diagrams added to it with the "Save Diagram" command.

    When saving a pattern or edited diagram, the diagram will be saved to the currently loaded definition file.
  3. Fixed a problem with intervals not being displayed.
  4. Fixed a problem with an intermittent MIDI note glitch on strummed patterns.

Version 1.2 (Beta - 3172)

  1. AxMaster now supports 24 frets. There is a small scrollbar directly above the fret labels, which is used to change the display range. The fret range markers work as before, and can cover all 24 frets. Please note that an autoranging function for MIDI notes has not yet been added. (The notes will play over all 24 frets, but the display will not adjust to show them as they play.)
  2. Several enhancements have been made to the "Save Fretboard Image" command, most notably the ability to include string and/or fret labels along with the fretboard image. Several options have been added to the preferences dialog which control these enhancements, as outlined below.

    1. You can select to save string labels or fret labels individually. There are also options for saving the string labels left or right of the image, and for saving the fret labels at the top or bottom.
    2. Both the background color and text color can be set for the labels. (These options control the colors in the saved image; not on the screen).
    3. The image's fret range can be set independently of the fret display range.
    4. All atrributes such as string orientation, string tuning, notation, and horizontal orientation are properly saved to the image.
    5. A default folder for images can now be specified.
  3. The preferences dialog has been re-designed, to make room for the options described above.
  4. Fixed the upper and lower bounds of string tuning ranges to prevent invalid MIDI note numbers.
  5. Added parameter for setting the fret label text for the "open" fret.

Version 1.2 (Beta - 3166)

  1. There is now an option to play only the last fretted note on each string of a pattern. This is useful for studying chords and arpeggios, without having to first create a custom diagram.
  2. You are no longer required to close the preferences dialog before selecting commands in the main window. This allows MIDI and other parameters to be changed without interrupting program selections.
  3. Fixed some minor issues with the diagram editor menu.
  4. The Open Note Symbol option has been removed, and a new option called "Dynamic Note Symbol" has been added. The open note symbol was used in earlier versions when global editing of notes was not possible.
  5. The Dynamic Note Symbol option sets the character that will be used to specify that a diagram's notes should display the text of the underlying fretboard, rather than specific text for each note. This allows the diagram to respond to tuning changes. This feature was added in build 1.2.3157 (item #4 below), but has been expanded to allow any symbol, and the software now displays the proper note in the editor.
  6. There is a now a "quick-edit" mode. If a pattern is displayed but the diagram editor is not open, you can left-click on a note to temporarily remove it. (Clicking the same note again will restore it). The notes will be permanently removed if you save the diagram. Also, any actions that regenerate the pattern, such as changing the tuning or selecting any pattern definition commands, will reset all notes.
  7. There is now an option to enable/disable sorting of the Chord, Scale, and Diagram pattern lists. If not sorted, the lists will be shown in the order that the patterns appear in the 'patterns.dat' and 'diagrams.dat' files.

Version 1.2 (Beta - 3164)

  1. Expanded the fret range marker functionality as follows:

    1. Double-click on markers - Toggles between full range and the last set range.
    2. Right-click and drag - Moves current marker locations without changing the range.
    3. Left-click and drag - Works as before; the marker closest to the mouse pointer is moved.
  2. In previous versions, double-clicking on the fretboard launched the diagram editor. This caused more problems than it was worth for most users, so this functionality has been removed. Now you must click on the toolbar icon or menu command to launch the editor.
  3. When exiting the program, you will now only get a confirmation dialog if you attempt to exit while the diagram editor is active and the diagram has not yet been saved.

Version 1.2 (Beta - 3162)

  1. Added command line option for trace logging.
  2. Fixed some minor display issues with Win XP.
  3. Fixed an obscure bug that occured when the file 'scrrun.dll' did not exist in the system folder. The requirement for this file has been removed. (Thanks to Don C. for his patience and help in tracking this one down!)

Version 1.2 (Beta - 3157)

  1. Added 19 additional scale types.
  2. Improved MIDI performance (loops are now seemless). Also, patterns can now be played down/up and up/down in arpeggio mode.
  3. An overflow error was generated at low resolutions when a very slow tempo was selected. This has been fixed.
  4. If a diagram note's text property is set to '@', the actual fretboard note at the current location and tuning will now be shown.
  5. The string display functionality has been expanded. Strings can now be enabled/disabled as follows:

    1. Left-click on label - Toggles the display for the selected string
    2. Right-click on label - The selected string is displayed, and all others are turned off.
    3. Double-click on label - All strings are displayed.
  6. Displayed string status is now saved between sessions.
  7. The "Show Intervals" option is now disabled if the foreground pattern is a diagram, since this option does not have any affect on custom diagrams.
  8. Attempting to save an image in JPG format causes an error (missing file ijl11.dll). This has been fixed.

Version 1.2 (Beta - 3152)

  1. Right-clicking on fretboard generates a MIDI error if MIDI is not enabled. This has been fixed.
  2. Right-clicking on fretboard would enable "Play" button even if no pattern is loaded. Fixed

Version 1.2 (Beta - 3145)

This version contains major changes to the various databases and preference files; therefore you should not attempt to use previous versions of diagram.dat, preferences.dat, or tunings.dat with this release.

  1. Added Midi implementation for playing patterns, along with script commands
  2. Fixed problem with display of Major Ninth chords ("@" showing up in intervals)
  3. Fixed problem with inaccurate string tuning
  4. Added option to display string labels as relative tuning offset values

Version 1.2 (Beta - 3141)

  1. Extensive changes to the diagram editor. All note properties such as color, outline, text color, text, size, and shape can be set for each individual note. Diagrams can use these custom attributes or the default pattern attributes.
  2. Improved fretboard and range marker graphics.
  3. The currently selected tuning is now stored between sessions.
  4. Fretboard images can now be saved in JPG format.
  5. Removed "Open as read-only" checkbox from Save Fretboard Image dialog. (This option is not used)
  6. Menus and toolbars have been restructured and expanded for improved usability.
  7. Scales, Chords, and Tuning lists are now sorted
  8. Added Help button to registration form.

Version 1.1.3115

  1. Fixed color display problems (especially on WinXP)
  2. Diagram Editor - Double-clicking will now delete a note if it already exists at the current fret and string; otherwise a note will be created.
  3. Added Help icon to toolbar

Version 1.1.3113

  1. Full documentation is now included with the software.
  2. Removed main form's upper right label, and the Fretboard Patterns menu item and toolbar button. These items were not being used and were confusing.
  3. Code has been optimized for a smaller memory footprint.
  4. Fixed some minor display issues.
  5. The Save Diagram command on the File menu was not being enabled when the Diagram Editor was started. This has been fixed.
  6. The Store button should not be enabled when a pattern doesn't exist. This has been fixed.
  7. Added "DISPLAY_INTERVALS" scripting command.
  8. The scripting command NOTE has been changed. The note name was the 2nd parameter, when it should have been the first.
  9. The basic theory has been updated.

Version 1.1.3106

  1. Added "Reset Fretboard Range" and "Reset String Range" commands to edit menu
  2. Added "Clear Fretboard Image" command to File menu, and script command "CLEAR_IMAGE"
  3. Fixed some minor problems with inaccurate note colors in the information box when entering and exiting Diagram Edit mode
  4. If the Advisor window was minimized when the program was exited, the stored window position would become corrupted, causing an error or the window to not display the next time the software was run. This has been fixed. Contact for information on how to manually correct this in the earlier build.
  5. Changed the script command separator to "|" due to problems with commas in command strings.
  6. Updated lessons.

Version 1.1.3103 (beta release)

  1. The documentation is incomplete. Many topics are written, but the help files are not yet included. The program should be fairly self-explanatory, but feel free to send any questions to
  2. This program should work on Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, and XP, and possibly 95 and ME, although not yet tested on these platforms.
  3. You must have administrative priviledges to properly install this software.
  4. The "Lessons" section is very thin right now; it is primarily included to show the possibilities of custom HTML lesson files that can be created. We will be expanding this area of the program rapidly in the near future, and hope to provide several lesson "packs" from third-party vendors.
  5. There are a limited number of custom diagrams included with the beta release. Feel free to use the diagram editor and expand the list and submit them for inclusion in the next release!

    Note that in the beta release, diagrams and tunings can only be deleted by editing the "diagram.dat" or "tunings.dat" file with a standard text editor and removing the diagram/tuning definition.
  6. All of the diagram editor commands are accessed from a pop-up menu when in the diagram editing mode. Right click over the fretboard, and then select the command. You can also double-click to insert a note, or click + drag to insert a bar chord. More detailed help will be added soon.
  7. Under some circumstances with the beta release, you may get a memory error, or the program may refuse to run. This should be rare; please let us know if this should occur, and provide the OS and machine type if possible.

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